The Future of Engagement and Rewards on Our Platform

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The Future of Engagement and Rewards on Our Platform

New York, NY — In a groundbreaking move, we are ready to unveil a thrilling new feature: Credits. These virtual tokens are set to redefine how users engage and reap rewards on our platform.

In the very first week, we were overwhelmed with over 90 requests for verified organizations. At Fundflowr, we are incredibly excited that so many organizations are following our vision for a trustworthy and safe platform. The response has been nothing short of inspiring, reaffirming our belief in the power of authenticity and transparency.

Verified Organizations: Empowering the Change-makers

Verified Organizations are at the heart of our platform's transformation. These are the dedicated entities, large and small, working tirelessly to make a difference in the world. In recognition of their commitment to transparency and authenticity, we've introduced exciting new features exclusively for them.

One such feature is the ability for Verified Organizations to add donation links to their profiles. This powerful addition allows them to seamlessly connect with their supporters and drive their noble causes forward. But that's not all. Verified Organizations also gain access to our global donation network, further amplifying their reach and impact on a global scale.

Credits: Your Pathway to Rewards

As part of our Credits and Verified Organizations roadmap, we are thrilled to introduce the "Pay Check" feature. Every month, Fundflowr deposits credits into Verified Accounts based on their activity on the platform. These credits can be used to unlock more grants, discover hidden winning grant proposals, access premium features, and much more.

At Fundflowr, we don't just want to encourage our users to utilize the resources we provide for free; we also aim to stimulate our users to help each other. Therefore, the more active users are, the more credits they receive in their account. It's a win-win scenario where engagement is not just about personal gain but also about contributing to the community.

Starting today, your account will be credited for your active participation, including:
  • Posting on the platform
  • Engaging with others through replies
  • Connecting with fellow users by following them
  • Expressing appreciation by liking posts
  • Demonstrating your dedication with daily logins
Your contributions, big or small, will be rewarded with credits, making your experience on our platform even more engaging and rewarding.

And for our Verified Organizations, there's an added bonus! Each month, they receive a 'Pay Check' based on their level of activity. These credits can be used to unlock exclusive grants, gain access to premium features, discover hidden winning grant proposals, and much more. It's our way of recognizing their commitment to positive change and amplifying their impact on our platform.

Evolving for a Safer Community

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a secure and authentic environment, we've made changes to how "unverified" organizations are presented on our platform. These organizations will no longer carry the "organization" label and will have limited features and access.

By doing so, we're taking a proactive step in combating fraud and ensuring that users can confidently engage with genuine, verified organizations. While we believe in the potential for growth and transformation, our commitment to authenticity remains unwavering.

These updates are a testament to our dedication to maintaining a community that is not only rich in diversity but also rooted in trust and transparency. We believe that by empowering Verified Organizations and enhancing the Credits feature, we're creating an even stronger platform for positive change and collaboration.

We're excited about these enhancements and the positive impact they'll have on our platform's ecosystem. Trust, transparency, and authenticity are not just words to us; they're the foundation upon which we build a better future.

Stay tuned for more updates on these changes and the incredible stories that Verified Organizations will continue to share with our community. Together, we're making a difference, one authentic connection at a time.


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Wow! This is super cool. I really like the idea of credits. I think it can also be beneficial for us to have some extra features over time. I will definitely be more active here. I share this account with three others, so we will for sure be active.

I think some organizations won't like the idea of "locking down" benefits and features for those that are not verified but it will also gives more trust to us, the users that are willing to verify themselves.

On Twitter they have a special account sharing feature, or something like that, is this something you are also looking into? And what about the online learning system? I received an email from you guys about this, I assume this is something you are looking into???


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Hello Carlo
I really appreciate and honor your great experience in global NGOs. I would like to engage with you more on how our organization will achieve in fundraising from potential donors. I'm a representative of AGRIDIVERSITY TANZANIA, my name is Stephano Msuya.