Seeking Advice on Hiring Candidates without a Criminal Record


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Hello everyone,

We're facing a unique hiring situation at our organization and could really use some guidance. We're committed to providing equal employment opportunities and want to ensure that we don't discriminate against individuals who may not be able to provide a traditional criminal record check.

We understand that there are many reasons why someone might not be able to provide a criminal record, and we want to create an inclusive hiring process that considers a broader range of candidates. Whether it's due to expunged records, personal circumstances, or other reasons, we believe that individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable perspectives to our team.

So, we're here to ask for advice on how we can assess candidates fairly and responsibly without relying solely on criminal records. We'd appreciate any suggestions, tips, or best practices you may have to share about this situation because it give us some headache....


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One way to hire candidates without a criminal record is by focusing on their job skills, experience, and references. You can also have an interview process to get to know them better.

Just remember to follow the law and be fair to all candidates. It's all about finding a balance between safety and giving everyone a chance, but did they provide a reason why they can't provide the criminal record?


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I agree. If a candidate can't provide a criminal record, you can just look at their skills, experience, and talk to their references to see what they've been up to.