Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2023

The fifth edition of the Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge, organised by Enterprise Singapore, unites industry partners and seeks innovative minds to devise sustainable solutions spanning various sectors.

General Information

The esteemed industry partners present distinct challenge statements under these key themes: Climate Change, Green Buildings, Sustainable Agriculture & Trade, and Sustainable Materials. In addition, this challenge also features an Open Category, welcoming additional sustainability-focused solutions.

This year’s Open Category welcomes sustainability-focused solutions that will be channelled to The Liveability Challenge 2023. The Liveability Challenge (TLC) is a global platform that hunts for and accelerates the launch of innovative solutions to urban challenges of the 21st century in cities in the tropics.

TLC has grown to become Asia's largest sustainability solutions platform with a global reach and a reputation for helping companies whose innovative technologies are disrupting industries, to create a significant positive impact on society and the planet.

  • TLC is looking to build on its efforts in enabling solutions that remove carbon emissions at scale, including:
    • Revolutionary technology-based carbon capture, utilisation and storage solutions that effectively capture, and convert carbon emissions into useful products, for example, building materials, reclamation sand or synthetic fuels;
    • Low-carbon solutions for energy, urban infrastructure, transport and logistics that generate cost-effective energy from renewable sources, for example, hydrogen, wind and tidal energy;
    • Solutions that significantly reduce the carbon emissions produced by industries and buildings, for example, cooling systems;
    • Solutions that drastically reduce the negative impact of climate change, for example, mitigating extreme heat, and urban heat island effect.
  • Your solution should be:
    • Carbon negative in the overall lifecycle and have zero or minimal externalities;
    • Technology-based (physical or chemical);
    • Commercially viable and scalable; and
    • Feasible to conduct a pilot in Singapore.

Opportunities and Incentives

  • Over S$3 million in support available!
  • The corporate sponsor, Hexagon Group will award S$75,000 in prize money to one selected innovator in the Open Category.
  • Prizes for winning innovators include:
    • Paid pilot and trial opportunities;
    • Potential grant support;
    • Opportunities for co-innovation with industry partners, drawing on their extensive expertise and resources;
    • Networking and mentoring opportunities.
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